Our range

Our innovative range of heat sealers

Enjoy quality at a small price

A compact, robust & reliable range, the ACCESS LINE provides an excellent sealing quality for all sealable pouches & reels (steam, Tyvek®, OE, alu,…), and is equipped with a start sensor.

Printing & traceability

The PRINT LINE range offers to CSSD units the best of technology, while remaining amazingly easy to use. Its barcode editing software allows a perfectly readable 1 line printout of the data on the pouches.

High standard performances & versatility

A compact, robust and versatile sealer, the FLEX LINE offers several traceability options (USB / PRINTER), and a wide colour touch screen (e-FLEX).

Rotary technology for heavy packaging

The MAXI LINE is the only heat sealers range able to seal large (double DIN basket) and heavy loads (more than 10kg).

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