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Offering you the best maintenance quality : A LEADER in France for the maintenance and qualification of rotary sealers with more than 600 technical interventions per year, our highly qualified technical team will assist you in all your maintenance operations (preventive, remedial, setting, controls…).

Technical training

A team at your service : Our technical team will train your technicians to the maintenance operations in our workshop or on site, according to your needs and organization. You can also contact us for a personalized telephone support: our computer management of the sealers allows an accurate monitoring of your sealer’s history. We can also propose you a training or troubleshooting assistance via video conference (Skype). In any case, we are dedicated to offering you the best possible support, in order to ensure the best possible operating continuity.

Spare parts

In order to provide you with the best possible continuity in the maintenance process or in the use of your sealers, our spare parts and consumables are available on stock. LEF Sealers also supplies a complete preventive maintenance kit for your sealers.


More than 600 interventions per year : A LEADER for the maintenance and qualification of rotary sealers, LEF Sealer’s technical team performs any preventive & remedial maintenance operation, and also the setting and control of your sealers. The control of the sealers’ temperature and torque strength of the welds resistance is done in our workshop, according to EN 868-5 and ISO 1160-2 standards. The quality of your welds is thus guaranteed by a strictly formalized procedure.

Intervention Qualification (IQ)
Operational Qualification (QO)

  • Température
  • Speed
  • Pressure

Performance Qualification (QP)

  • Dynamometric test
  • Integrity test
  • Impermeability test

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